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Vojta Courses

Course in “Applied developmental kinesiology for babies, children, adolescents and adults with movement disorders”


 Vojta-A-Kurs  13.11. – 24.11.2023   

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Course content:

  • Human ontogenesis
  • Postural reactions in their ideal and abnormal gestalt
  • Dynamics of the primitive reflexes
  • Biological basis to innate locomotion
  • Reflex locomotion: reflex creeping, reflex rolling
  • Facilitation
  • Functional anatomy, particularly in regard to locomotion
  • Muscle function dif­fer­entiation
  • Movement analogies between reflex locomotion and motor ontogeny
  • Kinesiological analysis of normal and abnormal motor development
  • Assessment of the quality of movement in spontaneous motor activity
  • Reflex loco­motion as a therapeutic principle
  • From pre-speech to verbal communication
  • Analysis and evaluation of the automatic postural control of the spine as the basis of goal-directed movement
  • The devel­op­ment of infantile cerebral palsy (ICP)
  • Epilepsy in children with ICP
  • The indications for surgery in ICP
  • Signals and behavior in human relationships
  • Opportunities and limitations in treatment using the Vojta Principle
  • Training your perception, precision of self-awareness
  • Stimulation zones, guiding points of re­sistance, treatment techniques
  • Inter­action with the patient under the principle of attentiveness
  • Individual responsibility of the therapist and patient
  • The wide range of treatment applications, daily therapy
  • Aspects of the pro­vision of assistive devices
  • Parent instruction


  • Theory is practice-based and analytical
  • practical exercises
  • functional analysis
  • demonstrations of treatment
  • treatment of patients by the course participants under supervision of Vojta Instructors
  • self experience


Theoretical foundation and practical implementation of the Vojta principle in physiotherapy practice


2 years clinical practice as a Physiotherapist

Target group:

Physiotherapists and medical doctors


In total an 8 week course (A/B/C/D courses)

Registration fee:

Euro 4,000.00 / Euro 500.00 per week (in total 8 weeks).


Dept. of Rehabilitation and Devel­opment (SPZ 2)
DRK-Kinderklinik Siegen
57072 Siegen

Course leadership:

Vojta Instructors from the Inter­national Vojta Society

Information for participants:

This training course will be carried out by the International Vojta Society (Internationale Vojta Gesellschaft – IVG e.V.)

The following documents are required:

  1. Curriculum vitae documenting your professional education
  2. Current passport size photo
  3. Photocopy of your state recog­nition as a physiotherapist or medical doctor
  4. Description of current work activities
  5. List of training courses you have attended and successfully completed in the last two years 


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